• Burl / Glass Amalgam / Rifle


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    Wood: Burl Cap / Amalgam Glass - (a rare mineral, an alloy of silver and mercury, occurring as silver-white crystals or grains) That has been dyed. 
    I rarely buy wood blanks as I prefer to reclaim and mill logs from downed trees. This is bought from a individually photographed blank, meaning there was only one made and like my pens. It is "The Only One In The World"

    The  Lever Action Ballpoint in Antique Brass features "We the People.." and an eagle etched on the upper barrel. Nothing says American Pride better than our Constitution!

    Completely innovative and irresistibly fun!!! The authentic lever action mechanism extends and retracts the pen refill with the look and feel of a lever action rifle. Just cock the lever once to extend the refill and cock the lever again to retract the refill.

    Includes; Parker (not Parker style) refill or Private Reserve ink, a signed wood crate box and felt bag with handmade domino tag.