• Burl / Glass / Amalgam / Dragon

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    Collectors Twist Pen

    Wood: Burl / Glass / Amalgam - (a rare mineral, an alloy of silver and mercury, occurring as silver-white crystals or grains) That has been dyed. 
    I rarely buy wood blanks as I prefer to reclaim and mill logs from downed trees. This is bought from a individually photographed blank, meaning there was only one made and like my pens. It is "The Only One In The World"

      DRAGON PEN: In Antique Pewter. This dramatic and beautifully sculpted pen makes the perfect gift for any Dragon lover. Great attention is given to the exquisite details of the dragon. The clip is a full body, mighty crouching Chinese dragon. The band features a dragon claw grasping the center - a sign of strength and willpower. The pen tip and end cap are covered in the armored scales of the dragon; scales can be seen as a sign of protection. And the Tigers Eye crystal on the end, known to be very effective for instilling courage, strength of will and self-confidence - gripped in place by additional talons. 

    COMES WITH: Parker or Private Reserve Ink refill, felt bag, handmade signed domino chip and Custom box