• Burl / Glass / Fountain Cartridge Pen


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    Collectors Fountain Pen / Reclaimed Antique Estate Jewelry 

    Wood: Burl Wood / Glass Amalgam - (a rare mineral, an alloy of silver and mercury, occurring as silver-white crystals or grains) That has been dyed. 
    I rarely buy wood blanks as I prefer to reclaim and mill logs from downed trees. This is bought from a individually photographed blank, meaning there was only one made and like my pens. It is "The Only One In The World"

    Professional and elegant Closed End Fountain Pen. This pen sets the standard for impeccable craftsmanship. This pen was designed and customized  not to post for better balance. I fabricated tools to make this pen with a closed end. It is the prototype (truly a collectable one of a kind with perfect imperfections.  Comes with extra long Private Reserve cartridges, converter and a bottle of ink. 

    Includes: Etched Chrome Cap, a premium German iridium nib #1, jewelry reclaimed in an estate sale on the closed end, Private Reserve cartridges, felt bag with signed handmade domino chip and a custom dust and water proof shock resistant box.