• Inksteads-DC Electric Blue / Chrome and Gunmetal

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    InkSteads: PenMiró/ Miróriginals  Trademarked 

    Wood; Cypress reclaimed from Big Cypress Reservation in Florida. There will be only one of each style and color Ink stained making each one "The Only One In The World" 

    Color;  DC Electric Blue. Each one is hand stained with Private Reserve Fountain Pen Ink.


    This Hammered design is chrome and gunmetal and is the look of a hammer stone finished by hand. The cap is finished similar to a technique called Tankin. The material is hammered by hand with a stone hammer. Once the process is completed, a craftsman uses a special liquid to polish the surface. The two tone plating which creates a very nice and elegant combination In contrast with the hammered effect. The nib, clip and rings are smooth.

    Comes with; Private Reserve Parker style ballpoint ink, clear box, felt  pouch and handmade signed trade mark domino chip.